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The site’s changed just a little because our final time reviewing it, but I wish I could tell you it changed for the better in every way. It appears the site’s stopped updating. Actually, the number hasn’t changed given that we reviewed it last. Also, within the banner around the web site and inside the tour, the site claims to have content material “shot in HD”, but none in the videos are in HD good quality. In fact, they are barely even DVD high quality. As well as the website nonetheless navigates precisely the same, except that they’ve removed the ability to simply surf towards the other websites within the network by use of handy tabs above the navigation menu inside the website. As for the photos, you utilised to be capable to view the images in two resolutions, along with the smaller from the two might be viewed in a slideshow. Now you only get the a single larger resolution, along with the slideshow function is no longer provided. Hopefully these guys have plans of updating the site once more within the near future. Fortunately members nevertheless have access to all those other websites.

Certainly one of these could be streamed that is good, but it’d be even far better when the higher high quality were a minimum of DVD high quality. They even mention within the banner around the web site that the top quality is “shot in HD”, unless they’re referring to the photos. A download for iPods can also be obtainable. The photo gallery is setup precisely the same way as the video gallery. Each and every set can either be browsed or downloaded within a zip file. When you click into a set, it opens with all of the thumbs arranged by pages of 18 photos every. The photos open within a separate window to a large, crisp resolution. Be sure to price every scene, set or pornstar to reflect the best girls, leading videos and leading pics around the house web page. Http://